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Contemporary Realism preview exhibit is online Sept. 5th to Oct. 5th, 2020

Seven artists portray glimpses of their reality in Maine Art Gallery Show

Contemporary realism is the focus of the current online exhibit presented by Wiscasset’s Maine Art Gallery. The show, originally scheduled to be seen in the gallery at this time, has been rescheduled to 2021 due to the Coronavirus. The images will be available for viewing through October 5, 2020.

"Out to Pasture" by Mat O'Donnell

“I hope the viewers will get as much enjoyment from the show as I did in selecting the artists,” said Elaine Pew, curator of the exhibit. “Each of them presents their vision of reality in their own unique way.a”


Carolyn Gabbe paints in the tradition of the Old Masters of the Renaissance.


Melissa Greene expresses a poetic vision of the ways that women and animals interact with the natural world on her exquisite pots.


Winslow Meyers is very precise in defining his space with a lyrical, soothing palette.


Mat O’Donnell’s work has an edge to it. He asks the viewer to complete the story on his canvas.


Daphne Pulsifer uses classical sculptural techniques to render her bronzes of figures and animals.


Douglas Smith celebrates life through paintings that convey a sense of time and place and quality of light.


Susan Tobey White presents a series of paintings that tell the story of lobster women at work.

Lost & Found preview exhibit is online August 7th to September 4th, 2020

Three artists tell their stories with an eclectic mix of materials and genres in Maine Art Gallery Show.

“Lost and Found”, the current online show at the Maine Art Gallery, features three Maine artists who create mixed media narratives with all manner of materials from traditional art supplies to textiles, papers, and found objects. The show, which can be viewed here through September 4th, is a preview of an in-person show to be held at the gallery next summer when it is hoped that Covid-19 will be under control.

"Rain Room #12" by Buzz Masters

Katy Helman, Buzz Masters, and Jennifer Lee Morrow tell their stories in a rather unorthodox way that reflects the human spirit through symbolism and patterns and a synthesis of styles. The work is so powerful that Elaine Pew, curator of the show, was inspired to bring it to the gallery when she first saw the work of Buzz Masters. “The way Buzz combines fresco with collage, telling stories that involved the viewer, really struck me. I knew then that I had to show her work at the Maine Art Gallery,” Pew exclaimed.


Buzz Masters describes her own work as an investigation of malleable nature of memory — what we hold onto and what we leave out in order to make our story. She uses wooden panels covered with her recipe of materials reflecting the genius of Italian plasterers. More recently she has been working on paper, using mixed media collage.


Pew found Katy Helman’s work to be joyful and humorous. As Helman says of her paintings, “I mix stripes and paisleys, synthesize genres and styles. Whether obvious or not, my work is autobiographical, describing my state of mind and the current events of my life.”


Jennifer Lee Morrow describes herself as a magpie, collecting bits of paper and cloth and other objects that come into her life. “I collect the stories I hear and the ones I imagine. then through alchemy, tinkering, and stitching, I combine and alter these substance until the stories deepen and become my own.”

Acquired Symbols preview exhibit is online July 10th to August 7th, 2020

The Maine Art Gallery’s second online show, “Acquired Symbols,” features former students and friends of the important Maine artist and teacher John Lorence. Because the gallery is closed for the season due to COVID-19, the images in the online show will provide a preview of works that will be exhibited in the 2021 season. The show is up through August 7th.

Works in mixed-media collage, sculpture and painting by Camille Buch, Clara Cohan,

Peter Haller, John Lorence, and Jorge Pena are included in the online preview. Next year’s show in the gallery will be expanded to include more of their art, plus works by Matt Blackwell, Elliott Borowitz, Felice Boucher, Ellen Gutenkunst, Patrick Plourde, and Teresa Sullivan.


Art is often a symbolic expression of what is going on in the world around us. In his artist’s statement for the pieces that are included in this show, Jorge Pena notes: “The scenery, season’s colors, and life in Maine have also made an impact, and this influence is reflected in my latest paintings. I can’t avoid being motivated by the latest attack, death, and injustice suffered by my kinfolks. Then, some of my paintings show my response to injustice and racism.”

"Still Life," by Jorge Pena

Our virtual member show is online from June 10 through July 10, 2020!

Our first virtual Member Show has arrived!

Over 20 artists are participating. We are delighted so many people are part of this show.

A range of styles is represented in this show. In addition to many painters, we have photography, sculpture, mixed-media collage, and even garden design.

Member Art Show, 2019. Photo: Bob Bond
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