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List of Special Events

May 17: New England Watercolor Society Paints Wiscasset

Maine Art Gallery Members can join this event free

Wednesday, May 17, 9am - 2pm

New England Watercolor Society will be painting in Wiscasset. All members are invited to participate at no charge.

May 18: Panel Discussion with Earle Shettleworth & Peter Fogg

“Memories of Mildred Burrage,
A Founder of the Maine Art Gallery”

Thursday, May 18, 5pm - 6:30pm

Mildred Giddings Burrage (1890-1983) was one of Maine’s most creative 20th century artists. Her many genres included American Impressionism, patriotic posters, portraits, historic maps, southwest and Central American flora and World War II shipbuilding. Influenced by Jackson Pollack, Mildred, in her post war years, began to paint increasingly abstract and unique mica collages, her own version of the abstract expressionist movement that catapulted America to the center stage of modern art.


A longtime friend of Mildred Burrage, Maine State Historian Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr. co-curated the popular 2016 show of the artist’s work at the University of NewEngland that traced the artist's 65-year career. Peter Fogg, a principal in Fogg and Dalton Art Restoration in Wiscasset met Mildred Burrage as a youth when his grandmother worked with her at Lincoln County Historical Association. As he grew older he visited with her to seek her comments on his artwork and assisted her in her studio. Refreshments provided.

You can watch the talk in three parts here. Part one is previewed below.


"Mica Abstraction", by Mildred Burrage.

May 24: Talk by Robert Beck

“Going solo: Painting the Maine Fishing Community”

Wednesday, May 24, 4pm - 6pm

Robert will discuss approach and preparation, engaging a community, and bringing home a good painting.


Robert Beck is a painter and writer, known for documenting the places, occupations, and events of our time, working from life. Beck’s portrayal of the Maine fishing community was featured as a 56-painting solo exhibition, Over East, at the Maine Maritime Museum in 2016 - the first such exhibit in its 50-year history. He splits his time between Manhattan, New Hope, PA, and Washington County ME, when he isn’t painting farther afield. There will be a Q&A session after the talk. You can see his work at

Refreshments provided.

"Doug & Dozer" above, "Boat Auction" below. By: Robert Beck

May 24: Plein Air Painters of Maine Paint Wiscasset Area

Maine Art Gallery Members can join this event free

Wednesday, May 24, 8am - 2pm

Plein Air Painters of Maine will be painting in Wiscasset area. All gallery members are invited to participate at no charge. Contact Celia at

June 1: Talk by David Etnier

"Among Artists – A Maine Photographer's Encounters"

Thursday, June 1, 5pm - 6:30pm

David Etnier, the son of one of the Maine Art Gallery's founding artists, Stephen Etnier, grew up in a family of artists and around their artist friends. As a photographer, David captured many of Maine's accomplished artists whose photos are part of the Gallery's 65th anniversary celebration exhibit, "Generations." Join David at the Maine Art Gallery on Thursday, June 1st at 5 pm when he shares some of his experiences and his work "Among Artists." Refreshments provided.

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