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Contemporary Realism Preview


Our sneak preview of the 2021 Contemporary Realism exhibit highlights seven talented artists, each with their own perspective on realism and representation. To view the work and its details, click on any image below. If you would like to purchase a piece, please email the artist name and piece title to We will facilitate the process and get you in touch with the artist for pickup or shipping. We hope you enjoy this preview show!

Carolyn Gabbe

Artist Thoughts:

In these very uncertain and somewhat overwhelming times, I’m focused on balancing my subject matter. I’m also varying between small alla prima pieces and larger, more complex pieces. Beauty comes in many forms. Some days my work is describing people, some days about objects, some days it is about beauty found in the natural world. Always, it is about color and form and what is evoked.

Carolyn-Gabbe-headshot copy.jpg

Carolyn Gabbe

Melissa Greene

Artist Statement:

My influences come partially from the places I grew up - Podunk - in Connecticut and the mountains and lakes of Rangeley, Maine. I was also particularly inspired by living and traveling abroad at a young age, especially by a trip to Lapland in northern Norway. Here I realized a strong interest in how people living a self reliant lifestyle, close to and with an essential respect for nature, held a strong intuitive commitment to beauty which is reflected in their daily lives.  There was/ is no separation between art and life, the two exist(ed) as an integral part of each other. I found that I desired to become a maker of beautiful objects, and without really knowing why, at the age of 14, chose clay as the medium.

The imagery of women and animals comes from this life long interest of how we as human beings interact with our natural world; the plants and animals around us, and how we choose to integrate their aspects into our daily lives, through nurturing, joining together, stories, craft, food, or family. The figurative themes are not meant to represent any particular culture or race, rather, all of us. Most of the animal images reflect species I feel some connection to and, that now, face issues of pollution or habitat loss. 

In all of my designs, pattern and color are compelling dynamics.


Melissa Greene

Winslow Myers