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Sketching on the Go
List of Suggested Materials by Diane Dubreuil

If in doubt, review list and bring what you already have. We will be walking to most sites. The weight of your equipment matters. Pack your bag and take it for a long walk.

BACKPACK or BAG - something that holds most everything. Easy to carry and hands free.

SKETCHBOOK/ WATERCOLOR PAPER PAD - Find a sketchbook with a paper that is bright white 70-90# smooth finish. Buy a size that is comfortable for you to hold. Stillman & Birn Epsilon 80#/150 gsm bright white spiral bound 7” x 10” portrait, or Canson mixed media white 8” x 10” 98#, or Hahnemuhle in similar sizes. I also use Strathmore 80#, 6” x 8” spiral bound pad. It’s light weight and holds a wash. Please bring a bound sketchbook.

PALETTE - a lightweight folding (metal or plastic) palette that will hold about ten colors and fits inside a zipper plastic bag (the bag is handy for other things). If this is your first experience with sketching outside, BE CREATIVE - re-use a kids plastic palette w/ 8-10 wells, old eye shadow container, etc. Add a white plastic yogurt tub lid to mix colors.

BRUSHES - Start with what you have. Buy the best you can afford. Look for Escoda Prado, Simmons white sky flow- flat brush Aquarelle (synthetic) - flats 1/2”, 1” Rounds - # 8, 12 (or similar), a good quality synthetic Script Liner - small round brushes # 4 (for fine detail work).


BRUSH HOLDER - (not a plastic bag). Protect your brushes. They need to breathe to dry off.

DRAWING TOOLS - Pencils #2B, cheap 2H, pencil sharpener, white eraser, 2 Sharpie permanent markers w/ ultra - fine point. You may want a blue ball point for note taking and a unique look.

WATER CONTAINER - empty, clean peanut butter jar with water tight lid?

OTHER - Paper towels (Viva - no texture), masking tape, water spray bottle (old eye glass cleaner spray bottle?), (2-4) large bulldog clips, portable camp stool or folding chair (remember you have to carry it around).

PAINTS - Do not obsess about paint. Look for transparent watercolors in tubes, (not student grade, not designers colors, not gouache, not acrylic) in brands like Winsor Newton, or Daniel Smith, or Holbein. If this is your first paint purchase, start with the basics (2 reds, 2 yellows, 2 blues - see colors in bold).


New Gamboge, Cadmium Lemon or Permanent Lemon, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red light or Pyrrol Red, French Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Burnt Sienna. If you cannot find anything else, bring French Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna.

OTHER - Wear layers of clothing. Bring raincoat or plastic poncho or drop cloth, hat with brim, waterproof hiking/walking shoes with good soles, pants with zip pocket? (for car keys, driver’s license, money), sunscreen, sunglasses, bug repellent. Drinking water? Cell phone/camera for taking photos & charger. If community health protocol requires it, please bring a face mask.


• Artists and Craftsman Supply in Portland, or The Art Mart on Congress Street
• Michaels Arts & Crafts - good for Strathmore sketch pads 6” x 8”. Lately, they have not
carried most of the products I use.
• Jerry’s Artarama -
• Dick Blick -
• Pearl Paint -
• Cheap Joe’s -
• Daniel Smith Art Supplies -
• Sherman's Book Store in Boothbay has art supplies.
• Store on Main St. in Rockland has art supplies, also Farnsworth Museum.
• Fabric store in Belfast has a some art supplies.
• Walmart carries some Canson sketchbooks and small hard plastic pencil/pen boxes. Price
is same as art stores unless on sale.
• Camping stool $15.00 (

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