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Acquired Symbols Exhibit Preview

Welcome to the preview of our exhibit entitled Acquired Symbols. This show brings together former students and friends of artist and teacher, John Lorence. It is our pleasure to give you a sneak peek at some of the artists and their diverse work that will be in the gallery in 2021. To view the work and its details, click on any image. If you would like to purchase a piece, please email the artist name and title of the work to We will help with the purchase process and get you in touch with the artist for pickup or shipping. Enjoy!

Camille Buch

Camille Buch lives in midcoast Maine. She is a graphic designer, illustrator, and multi-media artist. She has a M.A. in drawing from Central Washington University and attended the New School of Visual Concepts in Seattle for design. Camille has shown in multiple Maine galleries over her career as an artist.


Clara Cohan

"One of my ongoing life-learnings is to Be in the Moment and Be Still enough to reach an Authentic Self…a Self that comes from an infinite depth and rises to the surface to bring forth an expression that is more aligned with the vast Cosmos and the Collective Consciousness of our Planet.

Through my creations, I want people to feel a stirring, a familiar soulful remembering, a validation of the goodness of life and the great mystery of our being here. ...

As a child, I had the energy of a wildcat, the mind of an inventor, the determination of a gentle mountain stream on its way to the Ocean, and a heart as vast as the Universe.

Video by Clara Cohan: Sharing of Sustenance.

I have used these traits, to the fullest of my abilities, to explore and participate in the world. Nature has been my greatest teacher. I have spent time with cultures different than my own and have understood the beauty of diversity. Through my many mentors, I have honed skills.  Through my own trials and errors, I have learned compassion for being human. I have understood the inter-connectivity of all things. This, and much more, has made me the creative being that I gratefully express." - Clara Cohan

Peter Haller