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Lost & Found Preview

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Our preview exhibit of Lost & Found brings together three incredible artists, each with her own unique expression of narrative and story. It is our pleasure to give you a sneak peek at some of the work that will be in the gallery in 2021. To view the work and its details, click on any image below. If you would like to purchase a piece, please email the artist name and title of the work to We will help with the purchase process and get you in touch with the artist for pickup or shipping. Enjoy!

Katy Helman

My mother allowed me free reign to dress myself. I mixed florals with plaids and paisleys, added stripes. I believe she was afraid my teachers would think her negligent but it was simply an early indicator of my artistic bent. I am still mixing stripes and paisleys, synthesizing genres and styles to create paintings. Whether obvious or not, my work is autobiographical, describing my state of mind and the current events of my life.
I am a product of the 1960s attending art school in 1971. Politically/artistically the world felt charged and that charge contagious. Happenings happened and anything could happen.The NYC art world ruled.

Since, I have lived mostly on islands, in fishing communities. For the last 24 years I have been living on Deer Isle, Maine. The community is comprised of hard working, self reliant, spirited, sometimes outlaw islanders who have given me the invaluable sense of belonging.

You can visit Katy Helman's website here.

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Katy Helman

Jennifer Lee Morrow

"Like a magpie, I collect bits of paper and cloth and other objects that come into my life. I collect the stories I hear and the ones I imagine. Then through alchemy, tinkering, and stitching, I combine and alter these substances until the stories deepen and become my own.

My current pieces are 'bricolage' created from a diverse range of available materials. The narratives portrayed center on societal relationships illustrated through the physical relationship of materials through juxtaposition and layering. I explore gender dynamics, mothering, family history and secrets, and my personal growth through a narrative of symbols and patterns individual to me but open to universal interpretation. By working with reflection and alcoves, I add depth and intrigue to these wall-hanging pieces - all is not as it may seem on surface.

Buzz Masters


Jennifer Lee Morrow

Ultimately, I strive to create objects of beauty that will enhance the viewers’ lives as they connect to the story, the colors, the surfaces, and the imagery of each piece."

Jennifer Lee Morrow is a mixed media artist with a strong interest in paper and textile techniques. She was raised near Niagara Falls – on the US side – and lived in Rhode Island and Kansas before moving to Maine in 1991. For most of her time in Maine, she lived and worked on exquisite Deer Isle. In 2017 in search of a more urban vibe, she moved to Westbrook where she has her studio in the home she shares with her wife, golden retriever, and two cats.

Morrow has a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a MFA from the University of Kansas at Lawrence. She has taught at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Penland School of Crafts among other schools. Her work has been exhibited regionally and nationally in gallery and non-profit settings. Her career as an arts administrator has included being the director of Seamark Community Arts in Deer Isle, and general manager of Opera House Arts in Stonington.

She is involved in the arts community through membership in the Maine Arts Commission, Maine Crafts Association, the Surface Design Association, Maine Fiberarts, and the Union of Maine Visual Artists.

You can visit Jennifer Lee Morrow's website here.

My work is an investigation of the malleable nature of memory, what we hold onto and what do we leave out in order to make our story. My interest in narrative and with a debt to the history of fresco painting, and that visual form of storytelling, I draw tangled rope and other beach flotsam to symbolize sorting through memory, or ladders and floats as time cessation and rescue, or water rushing through a familiar interior shows, because of grief, how something that was once comforting and familiar becomes unrecognizable and changed.

I continue to use wooden panels covered with my recipe of materials that is a nod to the Italian’s genius of plastering. This surface when ground down and sanded creates a smooth, hard, but porous, veneer that reacts with paint having a similar effect as a fresco. Using casein emulsion, acrylic paints, gold leaf, graphite, oil stick, thread, beeswax, nails, varnishes, driftwood, tinted gesso’s, and whatever else I find on my studio tables, allows for much flexibility giving endless potential to heavily layer these materials to make a complex surface. Recently, I have also been working on paper, using mixed media collage. I appreciate paper's versatility as it allows me to fold, distress, draw, and gild. The color and surfaces of my work often refer to influences of early Italian work, but the symbols narrate my current stories.

You can visit Buzz Masters' website here.


Buzz Masters

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